Rutland Creek Path


What It Is:

The Rutland Creek Path project would develop a paved, 10 ft. wide, multi-use path along the heretofore un-utilized and unseen natural resources of East and Otter Creeks running directly through the center of Rutland City. 

Such a path would provide easy access for commuting, social, historical, recreational, and health fitness purposes. It could be utilized by every demographic and age group within Rutland and beyond, from children on bicycles and skateboards, to teens on rollerblades, to mothers and fathers with strollers, to the elderly looking to enjoy a stroll along the water, to the handicapped allowing wheelchair access in the outdoors. As a singular feature it would link the City of Rutland together, connecting and unifying parks, schools, businesses, and most importantly its people.

It would bring Rutland up to par with the other towns and cities within Vermont that have been enjoying the substantial economic, social, recreational, and health benefits of such a project for many years now. It would bring people into the city to utilize its resources. Finally, it would bring a vision and focus to Rutland that could be expanded upon in the years to come.

As a civic project it would also tie in to existing policy and efforts to maintain our youth, conserve energy, promote multi-modal transportation and clean up neglected areas.


3D Path Walk-Through

Where We’re At:


(A portion of it anyhow ; )

Come to the ground breaking for the first segment! Located between Pine Hill & Giorgetti Park and State Street. 10am in the parking lot of NorthWest School!

Governor Douglas recently approved a second $300,000 grant to Rutland City to begin construction on the first segment of the Rutland Creek Path!!! We have been trying for this grant for five years! We now have to raise Rutland’s cash and in-kind obligation to this grant.

Status: A VTrans administered Enhancement Grant for Federal Stimulus Money was submitted May15th for $300,000. We submitted the grant for segment #1 from Giorgetti Athletic Complex / Pine Hill Park to State St., for which we have completed all permitting, engineering, right of way, and construction plan elements. $75,000 or 20% of the grant total is match funding of in-kind and cash. This is Rutland City’s necessary obligation to the grant.

The total for the entire project will be roughly 1.8 million dollars. Continuing our grant status with VTrans, this would place the total match by the City at $360,000. We are making an extensive effort to not burden the tax payers of the City and have been accumulating private donations for this match portion. Within the format of the Enhancement Grant, every dollar given,  yeilds nine dollars from the state (a wonderful return on investment). Any ideas or help with this funding would be greatly appreciated.

How to Give:   Click Here to Download Contributions Form

(Any contributions generously donated to this project are tax deductible.)

Feasibility: In July 2007, $20,000 was privately raised for the Rutland Planning Commission to hire The Louis Berger Group to provide planning and engineering services for the completion of a Feasibility Study. The result indicated “that that there are no major impediments to construction of the trail/sidewalk.”

Funding: Only private funds have been spent to date. Compliance with all Federal/State requirements are being met in order not to preclude any federal or state public funding in the future. 

The Jane’s Trust funding ($60,000 in 2008 and $40,000 in 2009) has be used for the engineering design and right-of-way plans.

A $30,000 VTrans Transportation Enhancement Grant from February 2008 has also been used to develop these  plans.

Exploring grants as a source of funding will continue and be ongoing throughout the project.

Engineering and Design: Otter Creek Engineering was hired in January of 2009 to complete the design plans for segments extending from Giorgetti Athletic Complex & Pine Hill Park to the Dorr Drive Bridge crossing Otter Creek.

At the beginning of June 09, after extensive engineering and permitting, including hydrology and archeology, Otter Creek Engineering was directed to provide construction plans for the path for the VTrans administered VT Enhancement Grant for Segment 1 between Giorgetti Athletic Complex / Pine Hill Park to State St.

Schedule:  Mark Skakel’s Forestry Students at the Stafford Technical Center have generously donated their time and labor to the in-kind portion of the current grant segment. When Mark died suddenly in February, two teachers stepped forward to carry on his volunteer work. The forestry class will clear and grub the path corridor between Giorgetti Athletic Complex / Pine Hill Park to State St. This labor will account for almost $30,000 of Rutland City’s in-kind match obligation to this segment’s Enhancement Grant. The class begins there work April 26, 2010.

Orange Dots show the existing Pedestrian/Bike Paths across Vermont. Notably, despite being the 5th largest population center in the State, Rutland City is currently without any type of multi-use path.

3D representation of the proposed 2 mile Pedestrian/Bike Path across Rutland City. The path would begin at Giorgetti Athletic Complex & Pine Hill Park and extend south along the western bank of the East Creek to just south of West St. where a 100 ft. span bridge would bring it across the creek to Meadow Street Park. Here it would skirt the ball fields along the eastern bank of the East Creek to the current VTrans project replacement for the Dorr Drive Bridge across the Otter Creek, extending finally along Dorr Drive to the College of St. Joseph.


Through 4 rounds of Creative Economy open public votes, the concept of a pedestrian/bike path was consistently the highest vote getter.

Public support through neighborhood meetings and door to door canvasing has been extremely positive.

City aldermanic support in a public meeting in May of 2008 yielded unanimous votes in favor of a pedestrian/bike path.

Mayor Christopher Louras has endorsed the project as the most desired enhancement project for Rutland City.

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